Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Never mind the no-talent bollocks

i just want to know how much longer we're gonna hear 'bout this no talent-miss jackson wanna be. i could care less if the bitch shaves her dome, flashes her patch or fuckin off's her self......we just need to not hear anymore from the no talent crew for a fuckin minute...nuff said


Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Masters of the Ticket Universe

ok so if we can get away from that sad sack train wreck a.n. smith for like a fuckin minute......it would seem that those "champions of intellect" at ticketmasters are trying to bump verizon out of the frame for the difficult to deal with moron award that verizon has held steady for year after year. is there anything more frustrating than buying tickets to an event and getting gouged by these thieves?? not only is their web site a fuckin mess but after you navigate that nightmare, they hit you with all kinda added charges for the over priced tickets you were trying to buy, with no assistance from them mind you, just tacking on charges for nothing at all. this is why heads go postal on companies like this......i ain't endorsing the behavior.....but you can begin to understand why. do yourself a fuckin favor..buy tickets off ebay or a scalper at least you'll know who's fuckin you out of your loot.....save yourself the grief of dealing with these idiots. nuff said.


Thursday, January 11, 2007

I ain't Said It.... I think Bill Cosby found YouTube!

Thursday, January 04, 2007

New Year, Good, Bad & Metal Studs

I'm real glad to see '06 go and very happy to see the new year. a lot happened in 2006 but i think its even more important to focus on what might be ahead in "07. I look around and all i see are changes. some for the good but mostly bad. one of the biggest changes is this runaway freight train called real estate condo development around the city. ya can't throw a rock in any direction without hitting a new building site for new condos. and i mean really fuckin expensive joints....i'm thinkin who are these mah-fuckas buyin this shit? not heads that were born and raised in this city i'll tell you that much. i can't be mad at a kid for makin paper....that shit is a given. but when you dead a landmark like 11 spring street, the wall of fame, for some lame ass multi-million dollar condo building.....that shit just ain't right. thats not development.....thats destruction. is the new game to just kill off all cultural forms of production in the name of mass produced bullshit? do you actually think mp3's are better than vinyl? is it really cool and creatively original to run down to a bathing ape or nike for that matter and shell out mad loot for a pair of ice creams or aj's that the clown next to you is wearing?how many of those fuckin so-called collectable plastic figurines from kidbot can you pile up on you desk, is that original? what the fuck has happened to creative expression yo? i actually remember when it was a fuckin nightmare to roll up in a spot and some other head had your shit on....now its a fuckin uniform! so all i can hope for is that there is an underground...one that can recognize that not all change is for the better and hold on to the idea that things become classic for reason. we lost some heavy weights in '06 (R.I.P. JB) i'm all for new if its interesting or makes something better but lets not drop the classics...cause if we do all we're gonna be left with is a really expensive pile of dry wall and metal studs. Happy New Year '07. nuff said.


Saturday, December 23, 2006

I lives near the BAPE store and sometimes I walk by and just don’t. Those fucking Bathing Ape kids are ridiculous waiting out side the store all night for some fruity looking shoes, and clothes in which they get all decked out in looking like a fucking piñata. I just want to take them out back, beat them with a rubber hose, and piss on them. Lets be honest look at this fucking guy and tell me you don’t want to smack him in the face.


Friday, December 22, 2006

Wii Crackhead

Wow....this is what happens to you when you sit on some ridiculous line for a waste of a game system....there are no words..just hit play.nuff said


Friday, December 15, 2006

Gamer Tats....wow thats....

i love tattoos thats a fact....all kinda tattoo's especially on porno chicks......and i consider myself a pretty big gamer, mostly first person shooters.....but this is just "the gayest thing in gay town since gay was invented" to quote my man master shake....what the fuck are you thinking when you roll up in the ink spot and tell kid to start laying down donkey kong, dig dug etc. on your skin.....tha fuck is that shit gonna look like........wait i ain't even gonna say it.......nuff said